Monday, March 1, 2010

A Million Dollar business for Kerala State.

The blue Gold.

I think it is high time for Kerala to start a new sustainable developmental politics.
We can produce 'Jack Fruit', process it and export to Middle East.
We can easily produce tapioca, Elephantyam, sweet potato etc without much human effort, and can export to the Gulf.
Lets change their food, as they changed us early.
Lets feed the world, lets earn well.

DRINKING WATER EXPORTING - Kerala's Possibility.
Kerala have 3000 mm rainfall every year.
household can bottle atleast 500 Litres of water per day by using small U-V techniques. (think how much we are wasting now)
We have 3 international Airports. That too in 3 regions South, middle and North. Bottles can reach anywhere in India and Gulf within 5 hours.
Each family will get 3000 rupees per day !
A total annual business of 20000 Crore Rupees !!!
There is no need of any other industrial (polluting) business in Kerala. Direct employment for atleast 2000 people. then why do we need more IT parks? Then people will realise the 'value' of water and will preserve it.
Then they themselves will start rainwater harvesting, water conservation, afforestation, environmental protection etc..
Kudumbasree units can do bottling works. Each unit must invest around 2 lakhs rupees for the plant. That will be given as loan from the nationalised or co-operative banks (50000 crore rupees dead deposit in our banks)

Kerala State Industrial Developmental Corporation can co-ordinate the business.
Need some private participation for finding the market and sale.

I have already filed a project on this subject to KSIDC. Waiting for Minister Elamaram Kareem's approval.