Monday, January 25, 2010

Manorama gives wrong information about the Bt-brinjal.

Malayala Manorama daily published an article regarding the Bt-brinjal, in their edit page. the business interest is clear in the heading. Manorama is neither interested in the bio technology improvement nor worried about the health hazards. What ever happened, the are only interested to sell it. So it seems they are happy, as the Bt discussions getting hotter.
In the content, the article made 4 major factual mistakes/ given misleading information.
1.Bt-Brinjal is no where proved as it has increased productivity. It is not intended to increase production. Bt-brinjal is only intended to reduce the pesticide consumption. So it is clear that, the basic information given is false.
2. "Cost of agriculture will be reduced" is a false allegation, which is already proved by hundreds of farmers in Gujrath and Punjab. Cost of seed will increase enormously, as it is supplied by an MNC like Monsanto, which is only intended to make maximum profit. (For details, read articles of veteran genetic scientist Sri.Pushpa M Bhargava.)
3. GEAC has not approved any scientific reports that contains the impact of Bt-brinjal on human consumption. GEAC has not even considered any test reports made in this regard, as there is no scientific study that tested the long run impact of Bt-brinjal consumption.
4. The funniest, but important point is that, the article put forwards two options for us. To choose brinjal either which is polluted by pesticides or which is Genetically polluted by Bt bacteria. This is non-sense. Both this options are un-sustainable and dangerous to human beings.
Even though it seems partially true, the author is hiding the 3rd option, the only option for sustainable agriculture, that is Organic farming.
Media usually won't suggest a right track to its readers. Instead, they will confuse.

Anyway, Manorama has only one stand. Let anything happen, we must sell our paper..
Jai mathukuttichayan.